Monday 6 October 2008

Learning to fly

I remember seeing a comic strip where a young eaglet asks its Mom: "When can I fly, Mama?." Mama looks back at its repaired wooden wings and replies: "Once you finish reading that," pointing at a big fat manual on flying.

Sometimes I cant help but wonder: are there really too many prerequisites to fly on your own?

Wanna startup? put down your ideas on paper first, write a business plan, write a whitepaper, speak to experts, speak to distant clients, speak to every other person in the world you can make up a relation with, seek advice, seek mentoring, seek money, work out the numbers, build up confidence, participate in competitions... the list suddenly seems endless. And even after you've done everything, you still won't have the one real thing which you need to fly high, fly long - a passion for flying!

How could you trust your passion in something you've never done before? That does take a lot of time, lot of work and a lot of learning. Personally, I feel if there is no doubt, no fear, then learning becomes a burden, a tough thing to do. It becomes difficult to put in the efforts required. [Probably that's why all of us wait till the day before the examinations, to put in our efforts and learn something :)]

It took quite a lot of time for us to work time and again on our model, accept its shortcomings and improve it, convince ourselves that we need to write a business plan atleast for ourselves and convince ourselves to accept that things will never go as good as they seem to work within a beautiful cocoon of ours at BITS Pilani.

I'll cut short the story and wind up in a line: We did do all the things I've mentioned above and we're now glad for every bit of it.

[We still do all the above things everyday & we've actually started to love it now!!!]

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